Sandy Munro impressed so far with Tesla Model Y as teardown begins, also revealing a Canadian connection

The teardown of a brand new Tesla Model Y by Sandy Munro has begun, and based on what he has seen so far has impressed the automotive industry veteran.

His initial fit and finish video showed that the panel gaps and paint issues had improved substantially compared to the early production Model 3.

Munro also performed a teardown of the electric sedan soon after it was released, and was not kind in his criticism of Tesla, likening the quality to that of a 90’s Kia.

In his video looking at the suspension of the Model Y (below), Munro found the electric SUV had a very similar suspension design as the Model 3, but was “much beefier”. This is likely due to the heavier weight of the Model Y compared to the Model 3.

The rear suspension revealed some interesting insights, including that some of parts are shared with the Model 3, with them even being labelled as for the Model 3.

One of these parts is the rear swing arm, which as you can tell from the label, is manufactured by DYNA-MIG, a company based in Stratford, Ontario (credit to Your Average Canuck for spotting that).

Dyna Mig Tesla Model Y

According to Munro, the changes all contribute to an overall better suspension system than the Model 3. In an interview with Bloomberg Technology, he said “I thought this thing handled really well. I liked it; it was like riding on rails.

Check out the full video below.

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