Tesla Model Y impresses in Moose Test

Model Y Moose Test
Image via km77 /YouTube

The Moose Test is not something administered by the Canadian government during citizenship applications. Instead it is a test to see how well a vehicle can maneuver around a suddenly-appearing obstacle in the road at high speed.

We have covered the Moose Test several times before on Drive Tesla, and seen the Model 3 be able to successfully complete it at a top speed of 83km/h (52mph).

The Porsche Taycan Turbo S has also taken it on, but the electric sports car performed worse than the Model 3, only able to complete it at 77km/h (48mph).

Then there was the XPeng P7, which failed the test miserably and was characterized as being “out of control” during several attempts at 65km/h (40mph). The best the P7 was able to do was just 69km/h (43mph).

Since all three of the cars previously mentioned are sedans, you would think a heavy electric SUV like the Model Y wouldn’t be able to keep up. If you thought that, you would be wrong.

Our favourite Moose Testers over at km77 recently took the Model Y out to the track, and were surprisingly able to match the Model 3’s top speed with a best pass at 83km/h (52mph).

If you are keeping track, that’s the same as the Model 3 and faster than the Porsche Taycan Turbo S.

Making the results even more impressive is that two drivers were able to achieve the same top speed. km77 noted the Model Y easily handled the challenging situation thanks to its well tuned suspension and balanced electronic stability control (ESC).

You can watch the full test below.

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