Xpeng P7 takes on the Moose Test, and fails miserably

If you’re unfamiliar, the Moose Test challenges vehicles to see how well they can handle a suddenly-appearing object in the road – like a moose.

We’ve seen both the Model 3 and the Porsche Taycan Turbo S tackle the challenge, with the significantly cheaper Model 3 topping the electric Porsche by 5km/h through the slalom.

Thanks to a Chinese auto blogging site, we now have the results of the Xpeng P7 taking on the Moose Test, and the results were less than remarkable.

Through several runs of the test at 65km/h (40mph), the electric sedan failed each time, with the driver saying the car was “out of control”. From the short video below that would be an accurate description as the P7 completely spins out at one point.

It was finally able to successfully complete the course at a top speed of just 69km/h. To put those numbers in perspective, the Model 3 passed the test at 83km/h, and the Porsche Taycan passed it at a top speed of 78km/h.

Ray4Tesla posted this short excerpt on Twitter, but you can view the full video here.

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