Tesla Model Y could be one step closer to deliveries as California Air Resources Board certifies the EV

Earlier reports of Tesla’s Model Y possibly entering production in Q1 2020, ahead of its scheduled summer 2020 release, look more realistic as the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has officially certified the Performance Model Y.

CARB is an environmental protection agency in California that certifies vehicles for sale in the state. Without it, Tesla would not be able to sell the Model Y in California, a huge market for the California-based automaker.

In the past, some Tesla vehicles have received CARB certification and deliveries began as little as a month later. While that is no guarantee that the Model Y will follow the same schedule, it is interesting to note.

The certification is for the Performance version of the Model Y. In the filing, the agency gives the electric SUV crossover a range of ‘441.91 miles’ (711km), using the urban dynamometer driving schedule (UDDS). This range is never typical of the actual driving range of EVs, but can be benchmarked against other Tesla vehicles and their actual range against their CARB rated ranges.

Tesla Model Y CARB certification

Of particular interest would be the Model 3, as they share many of the same components, including the powertrain. When the Model 3 Dual Motor and Performance version were tested, they received a CARB range of 430.5 miles (692km) and 487.37 miles (784km).

The ranges between the Model 3 and Model Y are similar, but the Model Y is lower, which is expected due to a number of factors. Efficiency would be the obvious, as the Model Y is expected to have a higher drag coefficient than the Model 3. Wheel size would be another factor, as the Model Y is for now only available with 20″ wheels.

The Long Range version in Canada will start at $66,390 CAD and the Performance version is available for $84,390 CAD.

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