Tesla Model Y build quality – has it improved?

When the Tesla Model Y launched in the US earlier this year, there were some pretty well documented quality control issues with the electric SUV. Some of the complaints included panel gaps, paint issues, damaged interior trim, and even the rare case of the glass roof coming off.

A few months later the Model Y arrived in Canada, and Drive Tesla had a comprehensive look at the build quality of one of the first units to arrive north of the border (VIN 159XX).

Tesla Model Y

In the three months since production first began, Tesla has appeared to improve the build quality, but still many Canadians reported the same panel gap and alignment issues.

With the Model Y production ramp now well underway, fellow Canadian Trevor Page from Tesla Owners Online decided to take a look at a recent September built Model Y (VIN 46XXX) to see if the issue of build quality can finally be put to rest.

In the video we can see the panel gap and alignment issues are non-existent on this car. The window trim alignment has been a particularly common complaint, and on this car everything was perfectly straight. Interior quality was also excellent, with no noticeable defects.

Model Y window trim

As Trevor suggests, it looks like Tesla finally solved the quality control issues that plagued the Model Y since it launched. If you’re taking delivery of one soon, don’t be afraid to take your time to look over the car to make sure there are no glaring issues before driving it home.

You can also use a Model Y delivery checklist – we recommend the Inspect Tesla iOS app. Check out the full video below.

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