Tesla Supercharger in West Kelowna, B.C. under construction

Tesla supercharger

It looks like Tesla owners in Kelowna, British Columbia are going to have more options to charge as a newly discovered Supercharger is now under construction.

Despite not being listed as coming soon on the Tesla Supercharger map, the new Superchargers are located in West Kelowna at the Okanagan Lake Shopping Centre Xtreme Theaters at 525 Highway 97 South.

According to photos taken of the construction by Taisa Kolenko, it appears it will feature 8-stalls when complete, likely featuring the latest V3 Superchargers.

While there is no Tesla equipment on site, the placement of the conduit matches the typical Supercharger layout. A local Model S owner also drove up and asked one of the workers if they were Tesla Superchargers. Without explicitly confirming it as one, the worker simply smiled and said he had signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Kelowna already has a Supercharger at 2402 Hwy 97 N, located about 30 minutes from the new location across the William R. Bennett Bridge. This location will hopefully help with Supercharger congestion as there are a number of Tesla owners in the area, along with Current Taxi, which also uses the Superchargers to charge their fleet.

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