First Tesla Model Y in Canada officially delivered in Vancouver

The wait is finally over as the team at Tesla Vancouver has officially delivered the first Model Y in Canada.

Drive Tesla Canada was first to report over the weekend the arrival of the first Model Y in Vancouver. After being prepped for delivery, the blue Model Y was delivered tonight to one lucky family at the Tesla Vancouver store on West 4th Avenue.

Model Y delivery Vancouver
With credit: Paul Carter (@ShuttleAkajor) – President Tesla Owners Club of British Columbia

Now that the first delivery has officially occurred, the team can focus on deliveries of the other Model Y’s that have already arrived in Vancouver. According to information provided to Drive Tesla Canada, there are as many as 10 already in Vancouver getting prepped for delivery.

We’ve also received reports of Model Y reservation holders in Ontario being told that trucks carrying Model Y’s are on there way to Tesla Oakville. If all goes well, deliveries could begin there this weekend or early next week.

The Model Y first came out in the US in March, a full 6 months ahead of an already pushed up schedule. Canada was targeted as having a mid-2020 release date, but with the Fremont factory shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was uncertain if Tesla was going to be able to stick to that timeline.

The factory reopened in May, giving just enough time for production of the Model Y to resume, and enough units to make it north of the border.

Congratulations to everyone on the Vancouver Tesla team for delivering the first Model Y in Canada. Now let’s get even more on the streets for a nice bump to Q2 deliveries!

More to come, check back for updates.

Model Y delivery Vancouver 3
With credit: Paul Carter (@ShuttleAkajor) – President Tesla Owners Club of British Columbia
Model Y delivery Vancouver 2
With credit: Paul Carter (@ShuttleAkajor) – President Tesla Owners Club of British Columbia
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