Model Y delivery checklist – there’s an app for that

With deliveries of the new Tesla Model Y ramping up across Canada and the US, a number of new owners have been reporting quality issues like misaligned panels, scratches in the interior, and paint issues.

A popular item that many take to their delivery appointment is a checklist, to go over the car point by point to look for issues that should be noted for Tesla to fix.

Now a new app has been released on the iOS App Store called Inspect Tesla, which brings with it an easy to use and easy to follow Tesla Model Y delivery checklist.

The app, developed by Seyoon Park, breaks the car down into five sections – front, left, right, rear, and interior, to make sure you’re covering the entire vehicle and not missing anything.

Inspect Tesla report 7

Within each section, there are a number of categories to go over, with checkboxes for things like issues with the paint, a dent or scratch, a panel gap or alignment issue, or a malfunction. If you mark anything as an issue, you can also add some notes to describe it, as well as add photos.


Once you are done with your inspection, there is a button to export all your images, and another to generate an inspection report. Unfortunately the two functions are separate and the photos are not included in the report. In testing the app, even adding just two photos made the photo export too large to email, so saving them to a cloud service like Dropbox is probably your best bet.

While the app is designed for the Model Y, it could just as easily be used as a delivery checklist for a Tesla Model 3 as well. It would be nice to see the ability to select which type of vehicle you want to inspect in a future update, along with the ability to generate the report with the images.

You can download the Inspect Tesla app for free in the iOS App Store.

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