Brand new Tesla Model Y loses its glass roof on drive home [Update]

Model Y convertible

Tesla has had some quality control issues over the years. The launch of the Model Y earlier this year was no exception, with numerous owners reporting panel gaps and paint issues, among other things.

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As production began ramping up, many of those issues were starting to disappear, but the latest reported issue takes quality control to a whole other level.

According to u/Indescribable on Reddit, he went with his dad to pick up his brand new Model Y. On the drive home, there was a lot of wind noise in the cabin, to the point where they thought a window was open. Moments later, the entire glass roof allegedly went flying off while driving down the highway.

So Tesla’s quality control is really bad. Our brand new model y’s entire roof just fell off from r/teslamotors

While the claim might seem over the top, the user did provide a video and image to the moderators of the forum showing their Model Y is now a convertible.

UPDATE: It appears the video was also posted to Twitter by @Nathani04992006, a brand new account with its only post being the video.

Tesla is reportedly offering them a brand new Model Y as a replacement while they look into the issue, and how it could have occurred.

Check out the video and image below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Tesla Convertible??? 

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