How to fix trunk and frunk panel gaps on Tesla Model Y

When the Tesla Model 3 was first released, there were a number of complaints from new owners about body panel gap issues on their new electric vehicle (EV).

With the release of the new Model Y, Sandy Munro says the build quality has been improved substantially, as Tesla has matured in becoming a mass EV automaker.

But as with almost any new car if you look close enough, the some new Model Y customers are reporting panel gap issues (amongst other issues) on the electric SUV.

If your problem is a panel gap issue with the trunk in particular, here is an easy fix you can do yourself.

Once the trunk is open, you’ll see six small pads and ‘feet’, as the creator of the video calls them. There are 2 feet on the body of the car (one on each side by the tail lights), and four adjustable pads on the lift gate itself.

These little pads are adjustable, so if your panel gap is only on one side, adjust the pads as necessary to either lower or raise higher that side of the trunk.

The Tesla Model 3 also has similar nubs, so if you have panel gap or trunk fitment issues, you can try this quick fix too.

Check out the full video below to see how it’s done.

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