Deliveries of the Model Y in Ontario are days away as Tesla Oakville begins sending out MVPAs

Earlier this week the very first international delivery of Tesla’s new Model Y SUV happened in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Deliveries in Ontario may not be far behind, as Tesla Oakville has officially begun assigning VINs and sending Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreements (MVPA) to early reservation holders.

One such reservation holder, Simon Wong, shared his MVPA with Drive Tesla to show that deliveries should begin soon. In speaking with his Delivery Advisor, Wong was one of the first reservation holders to officially receive his VIN and MVPA yesterday.

Tesla Model Y MVPA Canada

His order is for a Pearl White Long Range Model Y with 20″ Induction wheels. According to information obtained by Drive Tesla, both Performance and Long Range versions will be delivered this month.

While no delivery date has been set, we can go by what happened with the Model 3’s when they were first released in 2018. In a few situations, deliveries occurred the next day. But the more common scenario was delivery within as little as two to five days after receiving the agreement.

If you want to know if a VIN has been assigned to your order, there is a way to find it before it officially appears in your account.

Log in to your Tesla account, and click on the “Manage” button. Once the page has loaded, right click anywhere on the page and select “View page source” or Ctrl+U in a Chrome browser, or right-click and select “View source” if using Internet Explorer. This will bring up a page with a bunch of code on it. Hit Ctrl+F (Find) and search for “5YJ”.

If you find a reference that contains 5YJ, followed by a series of letters and numbers, you have your VIN.

Have you received the VIN and MVPA for your Model Y reservation? Let us know in the comments below.

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