Tesla Model Y 7-seater to begin production next month, first deliveries in December

Even though it wasn’t expected until 2021, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed today production of the 7-seat configuration Model Y will begin in November.

Tesla has been quiet regarding the optional 7-seat configuration, with Musk only providing an update in June that it will likely ship in early Q4 2020.

Many fans have been asking for updates since then, and today Musk finally responded to @teslaownersSV providing an updated timeline for the launch.

Just like the launch of the Model Y which was ahead of schedule, Tesla is bringing the 7-seater earlier than planned. Tesla’s website still says it is coming in 2021, but according to Musk the first deliveries will begin in December.

If you decide to go with the extra seating, it will add $4,000 CAD ($3,000 USD) to your purchase price.

There has been much speculation on how Tesla was going to fit up to 7 adults in the electric SUV with its slanted roofline. Some rumours even speculated the seats would be rear-facing, like the optional seats in the Model S.

Sandy Munro 3rd row Tesla Model Y
Image via Sandy Munro/YouTube

Tesla’s own website though shows the seats will be forward facing, matching what was seen by those in attendance on the night of the unveiling in 2019.

The big remaining question regarding the Model Y is when the RWD variants will begin production.

Do you have a 7-seat Model Y reservation? Let us know if you see any changes in your Tesla account by emailing us at tips@driveteslacanada.ca.

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