Tesla Model Y gets auto-dimming side mirrors as standard equipment

Critics of Tesla’s auto-dimming mirrors might want to look away as the automaker has now added them as standard equipment on the Model Y.

When the Model Y was first released in March, it was only equipped with an auto-dimming rear view mirror, despite the Model 3 coming with both previously.

Tesla strangely removed them from the Model 3 at around the same time as the Model Y launch. Drive Tesla was first to report their return earlier this summer as several readers contacted us to let them know their new Model 3’s once again had the feature.

Despite not being listed on the online Design Studio, the automaker has now also added the auto-dimming side mirrors to the Model Y.

Model Y auto dimming side mirror
Image via Reddit

According to u/ThunderMusc1e on Reddit, his Model Y with a 65XXX series VIN was recently delivered with the new feature. Another Model Y owner with a 63XXX series VIN reported he does not have them, so it appears the cutoff to receive them is somewhere in between those two VINs.

Since the Model Y side mirror is not the same shape as the Model 3, these are not simply left-overs from the electric sedan, but entirely new units.

The owner also reported no other changes, like the new center console, to his Model Y.

Let us know in the comments below if your new Model Y also has the auto-dimming mirrors.

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