Tesla shelves Standard Range Model Y due to range concerns, Long Range RWD coming soon

Along with the price and range updates on the Long Range (LR) and Performance Model Y variants yesterday, there was also a small change to the Design Studio which went largely unnoticed.

Before yesterday, the Design Studio said the Standard Range (SR) Model Y was expected to begin production in 2021. That reference was removed yesterday, and today Elon Musk confirmed the automaker no longer has plans to offer one for sale.

In his tweet, Elon Musk says the reason Tesla has shelved the SR Model Y because it would have an unacceptably low range, which he estimated at less than 250 miles (402km).

It is interesting to note that is the current range of the SR+ Model 3. Due to the heavier weight of the Model Y, using the same battery pack would result in a lower range.

In a follow-up tweet, Musk clarified that the price drop yesterday was due in part to the shelving of the SR Model Y.

He also revealed they will soon release a LR single motor Model Y “in a few months”, that will bring the price entry point a little lower. This is not the same as the dual motor LR RWD option that was offered at launch, but has since been removed from the Design Studio.

Musk also elaborated that the single motor Model Y is currently undergoing testing, but will likely have a range much higher than 300 miles (482km).

While Tesla is the current market leader in battery electric vehicle (BEV) range, there are a number of other EV manufacturers that currently produce vehicles with a range estimate far lower than 250 miles. The Porsche Taycan is to name just one.

Tesla could have easily produced a SR Model Y for a much cheaper price than the LR and Performance versions and had a big seller on their hands. But instead, Elon Musk shows us that Tesla isn’t about to sell a car with a sub-standard driving experience, just because he can.

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