Car carrier full of Tesla Model Ys spotted leaving Giga Texas. Are the first deliveries around the corner?

Tesla has not announced it has received the final certifications required before it can begin delivering Model Ys made at Giga Texas.

In a sign that day could be just around the corner, a car carrier full of newly built Model Y Performance SUVs was spotted leaving the factory this morning.

Captured by drone operator Jeff Roberts (@peterdog15), a total of 8 of the electric SUVs were loaded up for a trip to an unknown destination.

Unlike a previous sighting of newly built Model Ys outside the factory last month that were almost all blue, it appears Tesla’s full lineup of paint options was included on this truck.

But what makes the sighting most interesting is that they have protective wrapping on the door handles, and at least one of them has protective wrapping on the rear bumper, a good indication that these are heading to a Tesla Delivery Center somewhere in the US.

Although we obviously can’t tell from the photo, these Model Ys are powered by Tesla’s new 4680 battery cells, which are housed in a new structural battery pack attached to single piece front and rear castings.

Tesla confirmed the first cars off the production line will feature these latest advancements during the Q4 2021 earnings call last month.

As we told you earlier today, Tesla currently has about 1 million 4680 cells sitting in a warehouse ready to use at Giga Texas.

This stockpile will be in addition to what the Kato Road facility, Giga Texas, and their battery partners will be able to produce in the coming months.

Leaked document shares a glimpse into Tesla’s current 4680 production yields

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