Tesla Model Y with optional 7-seat configuration likely to ship later this year

The Tesla Model Y has been out for a few months now in the US, and deliveries are just starting to ramp up in Canada this month.

All of the Model Y’s that have been delivered thus far feature the standard 5-seat configuration. But Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed on Twitter that deliveries of the 7-seater option will hopefully begin later this year.

Ever since Tesla announced the Model Y was going to come with an optional 7-seat configuration, many have wondered how it was going to be possible given the overall size of the vehicle.

Since the unveiling, we have only caught glimpses of the prototype Model Y’s with the optional third row of seats. In all cases, they appear to be very small, and would likely only fit small children.

Model Y third row seats

There has even been some speculation the third row could be rear facing, much like the rear-facing seats in the Tesla Model S.

Sandy Munro 3rd row Tesla Model Y
Image via Sandy Munro/YouTube

However a recent accident involving a Model Y in California shows that a third row, and in particular a rear-facing third row, might not be the safest idea.

Tesla Model Y hit and run

Do you have a 7-seat Model Y reservation? Let us know in the comments below.

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