Tesla shows off third row seating in the Model Y [Video]

Tesla Model Y interior Design Studio

When Tesla announced the Model Y would be available with an option 7-seat configuration, many were excited at the possibility.

Then after they were released in March, there were questions about how a third row could fit in the trunk, and still have it offer enough legroom for anyone other than a small child.

There was some speculation the third row could even be rear facing, as shown by Sandy Munro in this picture taken during his Model Y teardown.

Sandy Munro 3rd row Tesla Model Y
Image via Sandy Munro/YouTube

But Tesla has been showing off the third row configuration on their website since earlier this year, and no one has noticed, until now.

On the Model Y product page, there has been a section showing a view of the interior with the rear seats folded flat. Until earlier this year, that was static image, as seen in the screenshot from December 24, 2019.

Tesla Model Y product page Dec 24 2019

As you can see, the image stops just short of showing what is behind the second row of seats. As a reminder, this is what the current Model Y looks like with the rear seats folded flat.

Tesla Model Y trunk

Sometime early in the year, Tesla updated the page to now show a video, which pans back through the car to reveal a third row of seats and additional seat belts in the trunk area.

Tesla Model Y product page after showing third row

The view is obstructed by the text on the page, but here is a copy of the actual video, clearly showing the third row folded flat.

This all but confirms the third row will be forward facing, and matches what we’ve seen previously in terms of glimpses of the third row and images leaked to the internet.

The optional 7-seat configuration is still listed on Tesla’s website as only being available in early 2021.

Considering this video showing the third row has been on the website since early in the year, it is unlikely this means it is arriving earlier.

Does this change your mind about the seven seat interior? Will you be changing your order? Let us know in the comments below.

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