Tesla launches Model Y orders in four new markets

Credit: Tesla China

It was a big day for Tesla on Friday as the company launched Model Y orders in four new markets, opening up the Design Studio for the electric SUV in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Singapore.

The Australian launch was somewhat expected as the Model Y was certified last year and this week several demonstration units were spotted arriving in the country. Now more than two years after it launched in North America, Australians can finally order the Model Y.

Just two variants are available in all of these new markets with the Long Range variant absent from the Design Studio.

Model Y Pricing

In Australia the Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD, formerly Standard Range) is available for $68,900 AUD (~$62,000 CAD), while the Performance variant can be purchased for $93,900 AUD (~$84,600 CAD). These are slightly different than the pricing that was leaked in April.

Pricing is almost identical in New Zealand, with the RWD starting at $76,200 (~$61,900 CAD) and the Performance starting at $108,900 (~$88,500 CAD).

In Japan the RWD starts at ¥6,190,000 (~$58,500 CAD) and the Performance at ¥8,090,000 ($~76,500 CAD).

Finally in Singapore, the RWD can be purchased for $91,990 (~$84,500 CAD) and the Performance for $110,990 (~$102,000 CAD).

Model Y Availability

With having to import the Model Y into these new markets from Giga Shanghai, Tesla has opened up orders several months before the first units will be available.

In Australia and New Zealand, the Performance variant is expected to arrive between November 2022 and February 2023. New Zealand has a slightly earlier delivery timeframe of between August and November 2022 for the RWD variant, but same November and February timeframe as Australia for the Performance.

Japanese customers ordering the RWD variant can expect to receive their cars in August, while the Performance won’t arrive until sometime in the second half of 2022.

In Singapore both variants are listed as scheduled to arrive in late 2022.

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