First Tesla Model Ys arrive in Australia, launch coming soon?

The first Tesla Model Ys have made their way into Australia ahead of the incoming launch.

Images posted on Tesla Owners Australia Facebook group show at least two Model Y’s on the back of a car transport truck heading to Melbourne.

Further photos from The Driven show at least six Model Ys are now in the country.

The vehicles were part of a rumoured 150-200 Tesla delivery to Port Kembla that arrived on June 4. A second shipment is expected to arrive sometime in late July or early August.

The rumours are these vehicles are demonstrator models, with more Model Y’s coming from Giga Shanghai soon.

Tesla received compliance back in September 2021 from the Australia Design Rule regulations. Back then, the vehicle was expected to launch in Australia in late 2021 or early 2022.

As per government certification documents, the Australian market will have access to three Tesla Model Y variants:

  • The entry-level, rear-wheel-drive
  • The mid-spec, all-wheel-drive long range
  • The flagship Model Y performance

In April, we reported on a pricing leak so we might be on the cusp of the official launch.

Tesla did not provide any more information on the exact date of the launch.

However, it could be in a matter of weeks with potential demo models in the country.

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