Tesla registrations in the US are 3X higher than all of its EV competitors combined

Tesla’s dominance in the U.S. electric vehicle marketplace is showing no signs of slowing down. According to the latest registration data, more than three times as many Teslas were registered through April when compared to all of the competition, combined.

The data comes from Experian, which showed there were a total of 139,338 Tesla registrations in the U.S. in the first four months of the year. (via Automotive News)

Ford came in second place with 11,751 EV registrations, followed closely by Kia with 11,483 during the same time period.

Hyundai (9,675), Nissan (5,980), Volkswagen (3,527), and Chevrolet (1,648) rounded out the rest of the competition.

Add them all up, and the competition accounted for 44,064 registrations, nearly 100,000 less than Tesla.

Tesla 139,338
Ford 11,751
Kia 11,483
Hyundai 9,675
Nissan 5,980
Volkswagen 3,527
Chevrolet 1,648

For Tesla, the Model Y reigned supreme taking up 64,173 registrations, followed by the Model 3 with 56,525. Next was the Model S with 11,449 registrations, leaving the Model X with 7,191 registrations.

Those figures represent a 52% overall increase in Tesla registrations compared to last year.

Tesla didn’t just dominate the EV segment, also topping the luxury vehicle segment which includes internal combustion engine vehicles.

BMW was Tesla’s closest competitor with 106,339 registrations. Showing the growing shift towards EVs, that was down 6.4% compared to the previous year.

The story was even worse for Lexus, which came in third place with 88,672 registrations, down 18% from last year.

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