Tesla is crushing the competition in the US through the first three quarters of 2021

For many years one of the favourite talking points of Tesla critics has been that the competition is coming and the electric vehicle (EV) that will be Tesla’s downfall is just around the corner.

Some of the supposed Tesla killers over the years have included Bolt EV, the Porsche Taycan, and most recently the Ford Mach-E.

The Bolt EV has had decent sales but has been mired in problems as of late, and the latter two are good EVs in their own right. Yet no competing automaker has been able to dethrone Tesla as the EV sales leader.

Tesla Model Y accounts for nearly 40% off all EV registrations as U.S. EV market share rises to 2.5% in H1 2021

Data from the first three quarters of 2021 shows the gap between Tesla and others in the U.S. is only widening.

The leading EV from January to August in the U.S. was the Model Y, accumulating a total of 105,445 registrations from January to August. In second place was the Model 3 with 80,681 registrations, for a combined total of 186,126 registrations. (via Automotive News)

In a distant third with just 22,799 registrations was the Bolt EV, followed by the Mach-E with 15,938.

Model Y    105,445
Model 3      80,681
Bolt EV      22,799
Mach-E      15,938

The dominating performance is not limited to North America. We told you earlier today about data from China that showed Tesla sold more Model Ys than the next 21 EVs and PHEVs from foreign automakers combined.

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