Tesla Model 3 taxi accident hurts up to 20 people in Paris

Model 3 paris crash

A Tesla Model 3 taxi reportedly lost control and injured up to 20 people in Paris on Saturday night.

The Mayor of the 13th arrondissement of Paris claimed the Model 3 had a technical failure and accelerated uncontrollably.

According to a report by Le Figaro, witnesses at the scene say the Tesla Model 3 cab first hit a bike rider on avenue d’Ivry.

Next, it hit two pedestrians at a crosswalk and then smashed a glass recycling container, spraying glass, hitting a passerby.

The Model 3 then reportedly took out a traffic light and hit another pedestrian.

Finally, the cab hit a van close to the restaurant Le Mandarin de Choisy.

French newspapers have conflicting reports on the number of injured in the accident. CNEWS reported eight people in ICU’s and 12 more with injuries.

At the same time, Le Parisien noted seven people with life-threatening injuries and 13 going to the hospital with minor injuries.

It is not clear what went wrong with Model 3. Some believe that the accelerator got stuck, while others think the cruise control accidentally turned on.

Others believe it is another case of sudden unintended acceleration, something that has been found to be false in all other claims.

Tesla did not provide a comment on the situation. However, many believe that Tesla will work with French authorities to assist with the investigation.

NHTSA clears Tesla in probe over claims of unintended acceleration

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