Tesla Model Y in China sells more than the next 21 EVs and PHEVs from foreign automakers combined

Credit: Tesla

Tesla is dominating other foreign EV makers in the world’s largest automotive market. In September Tesla sold more than 52,000 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles in China, enough to outpace the sales of the next 21 competitors – combined.

And even when you combine them, the competition wasn’t even close.

According to insurance registration information from China, which is a close proxy to the number of units sold, the Model Y was the most popular EV from a foreign automaker with over 33,000 insured units.

Next was the Model 3 with more than 19,000 insured units, giving the Texas-based automaker a total of more than 52,000 EVs insured last month.

In a very distant third was an EV you have probably never heard of, the SOL E10X with 3,600 insured units.

Fourth and fifth place went to a name you are likely familiar with, the VW ID.4 X and ID.4 CROZZ with 3,200 and 2,600 units respectively.

Tesla was so far ahead of the competition that if you add up the number of insured units from 3rd through 23rd place (30,600), the Model 3/Y still outsold them by 21,400 more units.

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It is also worth noting that the list is for “New Energy Vehicles” (NEV), which includes plug-in-hybrids.


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