Tesla Model 3/Y vision-based Autopark tested in empty parking lot

Tesla deployed their new vision-based Autopark feature to the refresh Model S earlier this summer in the 2021.24.1 software update.

The shift to rely solely on the vehicle’s cameras instead of the ultrasonic sensors helped improve the feature in that it could now detect painted lines, getting rid of the need for a car on either side in order for it to work.

Tesla’s new vision-based Autopark gets first tests [Videos]

After a successful launch in the flagship electric sedan, Tesla began sending it to the Model 3 and Model Y in the recent 2021.36 software update. Even though it was released on October 6, the first real-world tests have emerged showing the feature in action on a Model 3.

Twitter user and self-proclaimed “Tesla tinkerer” @Analytic_ETH shared two videos of his Model 3 parking itself. Both show the feature working by detecting the painted lines, probably a good way to test it out for the first time.

The feature appears to work well overall, but is still slower than most humans would take to perform the same maneuver, including having to go forward at one point to reposition itself.

It also appears to park too far back in the spot in the first attempt, going over the painted line at the rear. The car performed better in the second test.

Have you tried out the new vision-based Autopark? Let us know in the comments below.

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