Tesla installing prefabricated Superchargers at Giga Texas as more than 400 Model Ys now sit outside the factory

With Giga Fest less than one month away, crews are continuing to put on some of the finishes at Giga Texas. The latest addition is a new set of 12 Superchargers at the south end of the factory.

Spotted in some recent drone flyover, Tesla is using three banks of prefabricated Superchargers with four stalls each.

Once up and running this will double the number of Superchargers. There is another station with 12 stalls on the east side of the factory where the Cybertruck was spotted plugged in earlier this year.

These new prefabricated Superchargers are located just a few feet away from where Tesla has been parking newly built Model Ys, and the number keeps increasing with each passing day.

Just over one week ago there were more than 200, and as of March 9 that number has now doubled to more than 400.

All of them appear to be Long Range variants with both the 19″ Gemini and 20″ Induction wheels.

Tesla has already announced the first cars delivered from Giga Texas will feature structural battery packs and 4680 cells. What they haven’t announced yet is how they will differ, if at all, in terms of range and performance compared to the existing 2170 cells.

You can watch the drone flyovers below.

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