Tesla Cybertruck spotted plugged in to Giga Texas Superchargers

The latest Tesla Cybertruck prototype arrived at Giga Texas on Sunday, and has been driven around the factory by Elon Musk and others, possibly even Joe Rogan.

With all that driving the Cybertruck’s battery needed to be recharged today, and it was spotted plugged in to the Superchargers outside Giga Texas.

The picture, which was taken by an anonymous employee and shared with Drive Tesla, confirms that the Cybertruck’s charge port is located at the rear of the truck and integrated into the wheel arch.

This is the first time we have seen the Cybertruck plugged in to a Supercharger, but had suspected the charge port would be located at the rear of the truck based on recent videos and drone flyovers.

The photo also gives us a good impression of the size of the Cybertruck against the height of the V3 Supercharger in the background.

Given that the lot is unpaved and there are obviously no lines, it is difficult to tell how wide it is and if existing Supercharger stalls will be easily able to accommodate the Cybertruck.

Even though it is exciting to see the Cybertruck like this, it will be a while until you see it a Supercharger near you. During the earnings call yesterday, Elon Musk confirmed that production has been pushed back until at least 2023.

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