100th Tesla Supercharger in Canada opens in Kitchener Ontario

The construction of the Tesla Supercharger station at the Kitchener, Ontario Service Center is finally complete 5 months after it began, marking an important milestone for Superchargers in Canada.

The 8 stall Supercharger station is located at 663 Victoria St N, and is the 100th Supercharger in Canada. The opening was confirmed by @redbartesla on Twitter, who posted these photos of his Model 3 charging at relatively slow 29kW and 201km/hr. But as he notes, his battery state of charge (SOC) was not low, meaning charging speeds would be slower than if his battery was low.

This latest opening has Tesla’s newest V3 Superchargers, capable of charging at up to 250kW/h, or up to 1,600km/hr. With some of the more recent openings, Tesla owners have been able to charge at the new stations at low speeds, only for the Superchargers to close hours or days later for more testing.

Hopefully that isn’t the case with these new Superchargers in Kitchener. Let us know if you’re able to make it out there, and what kind of speeds you’re seeing while you charge.

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