Tesla sees increased order rate in the US as gas prices surge

Tesla has seen a surge in their order rates in some parts of the US, likely caused by record-high gas prices.

Sources familiar with the matter told Electrek that the number of orders has increased as much as 100% compared to last in parts of the country particularly affected by record-high gas prices.

An increased order rate won’t significantly affect Tesla’s deliveries as the automaker still has a limited production capacity, building its more affordable models in just two factories worldwide.

Tesla surging order rate in the US - Model Y production at Giga Berlin (Photo credit: AFP)
Model Y production at Giga Berlin (Photo credit: AFP)

Increased interest in Tesla and EVs in general comes after fuel prices skyrocketed worldwide due to Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Crude oil is now $100 USD per barrel, with the average gas price in the US topping $4/gallon, and gas prices in some parts of Canada now above $2 per liter.

Many people who have a budget to buy a new car are now turning toward electric vehicles and realize how much they can save on fuel.

The Russia-Ukraine war has also had a big impact on the price of nickel, one of the key ingredients in an EV battery. Although Tesla did not confirm it, they raised prices this week on their Long Range variants, all of which contain nickel in their batteries.

Tesla increases Model 3 and Model Y prices in Canada, US, Europe, and China

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