Details of Giga Fest at Giga Texas revealed in major event permit application

On February 18 CEO Elon Musk announced Tesla will be holding a Giga Fest event at Giga Texas on April 7, 2022, correcting his previous announcement from a few hours earlier that said it would take place on April 1.

Some people thought it was Musk’s way of playing an early April Fool’s joke, or him making a last minute change, but it appears he was genuinely mistaken.

New details about the event have emerged from a major event permit application that was filed with Travis County before he made the announcement.

Giga Fest Austin Attendee Limit

According to the permit, which was received by the Fire Marshal’s office on February 18, Tesla is planning to host up to 15,000 people at Giga Fest Austin.

That is more than 50% higher than the number of people that made it to Giga Fest in Berlin last year, which ultimately saw 9,000 fans attend the event after Tesla was granted a COVID waiver that increased their allowable limit.

We still don’t know exactly how those 15,000 tickets will be distributed, but Musk has previously said priority will be given to Tesla owners in the areas surrounding Giga Texas.

Time of Giga Fest Austin

The permit also reveals Giga Fest will not be an all day affair. Instead it will start at 4:00pm and end by 11:29 on April 7, 2022.

Unsurprisingly, Tesla will be serving alcohol at the event. Since the guest list will not be limited to those 21 years or older, identification will be required upon entry to receive a wrist band that will allow you to purchase alcohol.

You can see the full permit below, which was first reported by Teslarati.

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