Tesla Giga Berlin begins testing production line equipment on Model Y frames and castings

Giga Berlin Model Y frames
Image: submitted

Tesla last month received approval from German officials to install machinery that will form part of the final assembly line at Giga Berlin.

Crews have wasted no time in setting up the equipment. Yesterday we shared images of the first manufacturing robots being installed at the factory. There were no specific dates on the photos, but data associated with them said they were taken in June.

It looks like Tesla has actually done more than just install the robots. Following our story yesterday we received images from an anonymous source showing that Tesla has already begun testing the production line process on Model Y frames.

In one image we can see an up-close view of a Model Y frame, with another in the background passing through the machines. Tesla has said the Model Y will be the first car to roll off Giga Berlin’s production lines, and according to Elon Musk will be a revolution in automotive body engineering.

Giga Berlin Model Y frames
Image: submitted

A second image gives us a wider view of a different section of the production line, showing several robots handling what appears to be at least three Model Y castings.

Giga Berlin robots
Image: submitted

In March a drone flyover of the factory revealed the first Giga Press being installed at the factory. Since then there have been no reports that it has been turned on, meaning these castings may have been come from Fremont.

That is also likely the case for the Model Y frames we see in the first image. The latest information indicates the stamping area of the factory is not yet complete.

Regardless, the fact that Tesla already testing their production line process at Giga Berlin is a good sign we may see the first made-in-Germany Model Y this year. Based on the build out at Giga Shanghai, it only took a few months from when the manufacturing equipment was installed until production actually began.

Giga Berlin isn’t the only factory testing out new equipment. Earlier this week Drive Tesla reported on the first manufacturing robots also being tested at Giga Texas.

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