Tesla receives approval to install final assembly line machinery at Giga Berlin

Giga Berlin April 2021
Image via Tesla

Tesla is one step closer to the completion of Giga Berlin. The automaker received the necessary approvals today that will allow them to install machinery that will form part of the final assembly line at the factory.

The news was shared by the Brandenburg Ministry of Agriculture, Environment, and Climate Protection on Twitter earlier this morning. With the approval, Tesla can now install “machines & aggregates (among other things for the assembly of interior fittings, cockpit, merging of chassis, engine) in the final assembly.”


It is not known when the installation will begin, but based on how quickly workers have built the rest of the factory, it will likely happen soon.

This approval could be the result of CEO Elon Musk’s visit to Germany this week. After arriving on the weekend and visiting the factory on Monday, Musk has held meeting with local officials, likely regarding the slow progress of Giga Berlin’s permit approvals.

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After originally hoping to have the factory operational in July, Tesla’s recent changes to its application mean that target might not be met. Musk however still believes production will begin later this year, a timeline he reiterated during his visit to the factory on Monday.

Musk left Germany earlier this morning, just a few hours after the announcement.

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