New Hampshire’s Dartmouth College To Transition Over Half of Its Campus Security Fleet to Tesla Model Ys

Dartmouth College in New Hampshire has announced plans to add electric vehicles (EVs) to the Department of Safety and Security (DoSS), aiming to replace over half of its existing fleet with the Tesla Model Y.

This transition to EVs was spearheaded by DoSS Lieutenant Bradford Sargent, who was inspired by the adoption of Tesla vehicles by municipal police departments in New England. The initiative gained momentum through collaborations with local police departments experienced in EV usage, the Sustainability Office, and enthusiastic student groups from the Sustainability Action Program.

According to a report from The Dartmouth, these partnerships played a crucial role in evaluating the practicality, efficiency, and environmental benefits of switching to electric vehicles.

Another key advocate of this initiative was Caroline Mahony, a member of the Sustainability Action Program’s transportation student interest group. Mahony and her peers recognized the potential of electric vehicles to address the unique demands of DoSS operations, particularly the frequent start-stop nature of campus security patrols and the inefficiencies of internal combustion engines in such scenarios. With their instant torque and efficient use of energy, EVs were presented as an optimal solution for reducing emissions and operating costs.

The Tesla Model Y emerged as the vehicle of choice after an extensive evaluation of various EVs. Its selection was based on several factors, including safety ratings, all-wheel drive capability for navigating winter conditions, and sufficient interior space for carrying necessary equipment.

Additionally, Tesla’s ability to meet the department’s tight timeline for vehicle replacement was a deciding factor, as the existing leases on their Ford Explorer SUVs were ending soon.

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