Tesla adds Enhanced Autopilot to some vehicles in existing inventory

Tesla brought back Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) to North America last week. Now the automaker has started adding the suite of driver-assist features on some of their cars in existing inventory.

According to a Model Y from Giga Texas listed as being available for purchase in Miami over the weekend, EAP is included in the $70,990 USD purchase price.

Drive Tesla reviewed all available existing inventory in Canada and we were not able to find any listings that included EAP.

If you are thinking of jumping on a listing that has EAP included in the purchase price, be aware that you may not be able to remove it before delivery like you can with Full Self-Driving (FSD) Capability.

Based on a review of the source code of the existing inventory site by WaitingForTesla, EAP is part of the included options and not listed under the “FlexibileOptionsData”. However, this is only speculation and cannot be confirmed until someone places an order and attempts to remove it prior to delivery.

Enhanced Autopilot is a suite of driver-assist features that offers better value for a lot of owners compared to FSD Capability. The two packages offer the same features, with the exception being that FSD Capability includes Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control and of course FSD Beta.

With that difference comes a big difference in price. EAP is offered for half the price of FSD in both Canada ($6,400) and the US ($6,000).

Elon Musk agrees to bring Enhanced Autopilot back to all markets

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