Tesla scheduled to begin Model Y Long Range deliveries from Giga Berlin this week

giga berlin long range
Credit: @tobilindh /Twitter

Tesla opened Giga Berlin in March, producing only the high-margin Performance variant of the Model Y. Just before the official opening we learned the factory produced the first Long Range (LR) test vehicles.

Now four months after opening the factory is set to deliver its first LR vehicles. According to information obtained by Drive Tesla, several dozen Model Y LR vehicles will be delivered to a fleet customer, with the first vehicles being shipped off this week.

Some of the first batch of new electric SUVs were spotted in a drone flyover of the factory by Tobias Lindh (@tobilindh) on Saturday.

The vehicles being built feature both the 19″ Gemini and 20″ Induction wheels and are painted in either black or white, the only two colours we have seen Giga Berlin’s Paint Shop produce so far.

Despite these Model Y LR cars being delivered, it will still be a while before a non-fleet customer will take delivery of one made at Giga Berlin. According to our information, volume production of the LR variant won’t begin until later this year.

Until then, customers with orders for the LR variant will receive cars exported to Europe from Giga Shanghai.

Giga Berlin isn’t the only factory surprising with Model Y LR deliveries starting this week. Over the last few weeks we have received multiple reports from reservation holders receiving a VIN for a Model Y LR built at Giga Texas.

Until now the new factory, only open since April, has only been producing the Model Y AWD with 4680 cells inside a structural battery pack. We are not expecting the made-in-Texas LR to also feature 4680 cells, but the first deliveries are expected to begin early this week so we should get confirmation soon.

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