NHTSA asks Tesla for information on Model Y fire in Vancouver

model y fire vancouver
Credit: @SonsofVancouver | Twitter

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is extending their reach and interested in learning more about a recent Model Y fire in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The incident occurred last week in North Vancouver, where the owner had to kick out the driver’s side window after smoke started entering the cabin of his one-year old Model Y.

When asked by Reuters, the safety agency said it is “aware of the incident and has reached out to the manufacturer for information.”

The NHTSA is currently running several investigations involving Tesla and crashes potentially involving their Autopilot system.

In an interview with Drive Tesla earlier this week, the owner of the Model Y Jamil Jutha said he had driven about two blocks from his home when the car seemed to shift into park while approaching a stop light.

The center display then froze and smoke started entering the cabin from the driver’s side vent. Unable to open the windows, doors, or trunk, Jutha resorted to kicking out the driver’s side window to escape.

A few minutes later the car was engulfed in flames.

Jutha told us Transport Canada has inspected the vehicle, which is currently being held at a secure location by the local fire department.

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