Long Range Model Y delivered in China with AMD Ryzen processor and full acoustic glass

Yesterday we told you the Tesla Parts Catalog for China hinted that all cars made at Giga Shanghai now include the AMD Ryzen processor.

The ultra-fast chip was first introduced in the Model S Plaid in the US in July, and then earlier this month in the Model Y Performance in China.

Now we have confirmation that Tesla has ditched the older Intel Atom processor in the Long Range (LR) variant of the made-in-China Model Y.

A customer who took delivery of their new electric SUV today posted a photo to xiaote.com showing the new AMD processor on the in-car display. (h/t: @tesla_adri)

lr ryzen model y
Credit: xiaote.com

The new processor wasn’t the only feature to migrate from the Performance variant. The customer also reported the car had double pane, or acoustic glass in the rear windows.

The new windows reduce road and wind noise resulting in a quieter cabin.

It was just over a year ago when Tesla introduced the double pane windows on both the Model 3 and Model Y, but they were limited to the front windows only.

As with previous features first added to Giga Shanghai’s production lines, new cars built at Fremont should receive both the AMD processor and full acoustic glass soon.

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Source: xiaote.com

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