Tesla China sales grow to over 77K units in May

Tesla China had another strong month of sales in May, continuing a trend through the first five months of the year that puts the automaker on pace to easily surpass their sales total from Giga Shanghai in 2022.

According to the data released by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) on Monday, Tesla sold a total of 77,695 vehicles in May. That figure includes both domestic sales and cars shipped off to other markets, which for the first time last month included Canada. May’s result was an impressive 142% increase over May 2022, and also a 2.4% increase over April, a month in which Tesla sold 75,842 new Model 3 and Model Y cars built at Giga Shanghai.

With May now under their belts, Tesla China has accumulated over 382,000 sales through the first five months of the year. To put that number into perspective, at the same point last year Tesla China had 217,000 sales between January 2022 and May 2022. This level of sales puts the automaker on pace to record nearly 1 million sales from China alone, a figure that would be greater than Tesla’s global volume of sales from just two years ago, and break Tesla China’s record from 2022 of over 710,000 sales.

June’s sales figures however may see a bit of a drop. Production of the Model 3 slowed down towards the end of May to make way for the refresh design to begin trial production. Tesla CEO Elon Musk was in China for the first time in three years last month, and was able to personally view the first Project Highland Model 3s coming off the production line during his visit at Giga Shanghai.

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