Leaked video from inside Gigafactory 3 shows production line testing

The leaked information on Tesla’s new Gigfactory 3 in China continues. Earlier this week we saw a leaked photo of Model 3’s in a near-production state after being painted. Until now, we’ve only seen leaked photos from inside Tesla’s newest factory, but today we see our first video showing the Gigafactory 3 production line undergoing testing.

Twitter user Jay in Shanghai posted the video, showing just how far the Gigafactory 3 has come in less than a year, from a pile of mud to this.

While just 34 seconds long, the most important takeaway from this video is that the production line is nearly complete, which means made in China Tesla’s will soon be pumping out of the factory for the biggest market in the world.

If the production is able to ramp up on time, Tesla’s Q4 numbers could be another record breaker.

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