Double-pane windows spotted on Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 double pane windows

The first double pane (laminated) windows have been spotted on a Tesla Model 3, but it’s not on the one we were expecting.

We first learned the laminated windows would be coming to the electric sedan earlier this year, when a long list of impending changes was leaked in China. Included on the list was the power trunk and new center console, which has already been revealed on Tesla’s website.

Then just last week we reported the Model Y was actually the first Tesla spotted with the new laminated windows. Today a Model 3 was also spotted with the new windows, and again this sighting wasn’t quite what we were expecting – they laminated windows weren’t on a refreshed Model 3.

The sighting happened in a Tesla showroom in Belgium, with photos posted to the Automobile Propre forums by user toudimi.

Tesla Model 3 double pane windows 2

As you can see from the photo, the Model 3 still has the old center console and chrome sill plates & trim, meaning this is a pre-refresh version. This is a good sign the new windows might be able to be retrofitted into current Model 3’s.

Much like the Model Y, and what is detailed in the online parts catalog, toudimi confirmed only the front driver and passenger windows were equipped with the new glass.

Hopefully we see some tests showcasing the improved sound proofing of the new windows.

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