Tesla reveals what they have learnt from 9-month Model 3 police car trial in the UK

Tesla created a demonstration police car earlier this year as part of a trial program to test the EV as an emergency response vehicle in the United Kingdom (UK).

Nine months later and the automaker has revealed some of their initial findings.

Tesla officially promoting the Model 3 as an emergency response vehicle

Max Toozs-Hobson, an Account Manager & Emergency Services Lead at Tesla shared on his Linkedin account that the feedback from the groups that have tested the Model 3 has been very positive.

It was particularly interesting to see Toozs-Hobson mention that charging the Model 3 while on shift was not an issue.

A common talking point against using Teslas as police or emergency response vehicles is having enough charge at the end of a shift for the next shift to take over.

From his personal experience that was not an issue. With the Model 3 at 80 miles of range a traffic unit was able to plug into a V3 Supercharger and gain enough range in 20 minutes for 5-6 hours of driving.

Other positive findings included minimal maintenance and repairs, and that the public response to seeing a Tesla police car has been “mind blowing.”

You can read the full results below.


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