Internal email says Giga Berlin deliveries will begin in March

As Giga Berlin gets closer and closer to receiving final approval to begin manufacturing customer cars, all signs have been pointing to the automaker believing the first deliveries will take place in March.

In a new internal email sent to employees and shared on the TFF forum, the automaker has confirmed the first made-in-Germany cars are expected to arrive at Delivery Centers in March.

The email, which details a number of changes like the 12V Li-Ion battery and AMD Ryzen processor, says “The Model Y Performance from Berlin can now also be ordered and is expected to reach us in March.” (translated from German)

This timeline is still subject to change, as Giga Berlin has yet to receive its final approval. However, Elon Musk has said he is visiting Germany in mid-February.

Earlier this month it was granted approval to build up to 2,000 test cars, many of which can now be seen parked outside the factory.

Tesla has also sent at least two to Norway, presumably for winter testing.

One of those cars was registered in the country, revealing it has a significantly increased payload capacity, indicating some kind of change to the Model Y body, hinting at the use of a structural battery pack.

You can watch the most recent Giga Berlin flyover below, which shows 160 newly built Model Ys outside the factory.

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