Giga Berlin gets an approval, but not that one, as more Model Ys appear outside the factory

Tesla is still waiting for final approvals at Giga Berlin, even though they first started construction in 2020.

The automaker was hoping to get the green light to begin manufacturing customer cars before the end of 2021, but delays to the process meant that didn’t happen.

Now into the first month of 2022, Tesla has received an approval, but it is not the one everyone is waiting for.

Until now Tesla has only been allowed to build up to 250 test cars at the factory. On Friday, Tesla was granted approval to build up to 2,000 to further test and validate their production lines.

The change was first reported by Giga Berlin drone operator Tobias Lindh on Friday.

Later that day, Lindh took his drone to Giga Berlin and spotted more newly built Model Ys parked outside the factory. In total there are now 39 electric SUVs in the holding lot, up from 33 earlier this week.

There are also now four under car covers, hinting these could be one of the new colours expected out of Giga Berlin.

You can watch the full drone flyover below.


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