All signs pointing to Tesla starting Giga Berlin deliveries in March [Update]

Tesla made several changes to their website in Germany and other European countries last night, and all of them point to Giga Berlin deliveries beginning in March.

The most obvious change to the Design Studio was new range estimates for the Long Range (LR) and Performance Model Y.

The more important change that could have easily been missed was the Performance variant finally showed a specific estimated delivery date of “March 2022”, instead of a generic “early 2022.”

Making it more interesting was that only the black or white paint options would give you the new date. Both colours have previously been suggested as the ones that will start production at Giga Berlin.

This change didn’t confirm they would be made in Germany instead of being exported from China, but everything else that happened along with it did.

The most obvious is the source code of the order page, which has under the comments “New Performance Trim Launch in Berlin.”

UPDATE 2:37pm PST: Tesla apparently didn’t like this source code being discovered, as it has now been removed.

If that wasn’t enough, customers with Model Y Performance cars on order in Europe saw updates to their account.

Whereas previously the accounts were saying they would be contacted as their delivery date nears, reservation holders (only with black or white paint) can now finalize their orders up to the point of making the final payment.

Given all of the above, it is clear Tesla now believes they will be able to begin deliveries of Model Y Performance SUVs from Giga Berlin in March, or possibly even sooner.

Elon Musk is also reportedly heading to Germany this weekend, the first time he has visited the country since October. Could a big announcement be coming?


While Tesla waits for the final approvals from German officials, the factory is still producing Model Y test cars. A drone flyover from January 11 shows the parking lot now has more than 60 newly built Model Ys, the majority of which are black.

You can watch the full drone flyover below.

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