Tesla to shutdown Giga Shanghai for up to four days due to surging COVID cases in China

Tesla is planning to halt production at Giga Shanghai as the city enters a lockdown period amid a surge in COVID-19 cases.

How long the shutdown will last for is unknown at this time, but it could go on for as many as four days.

According to an initial report by Bloomberg, the shutdown will start on Monday, March 28 2022 and last at least one day. The publication cited unnamed sources familiar with the matter.

The sources also said Tesla hasn’t informed employees if the shutdown will go on for longer, however restrictions in the area where the factory is located mean it could last for up to four days.

China’s state-affiliated media Shanghai Daily reported the lockdown period for areas in the east of the Huangpu River, where the Tesla plant is located, will be from March 28 until April 1.

Giga Shanghai was also temporarily shutdown for two days earlier this month.

Tesla worked with government officials to keep production going at the factory by having workers live, work, and move within a designated area around the factory.

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