Tesla delivers first Model Y Long Range vehicles built at Giga Texas [Update]

Since the Model Ys launch in early 2020, all of the electric SUVs destined for the North American market have been made at Tesla’s Fremont factory in California. Today that has changed as the automaker has surprised everybody and started deliveries of the Long Range Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive variant of the Model Y made at Giga Texas.

Last week we told you about customers unexpectedly receiving VINs for their upcoming deliveries with an ‘A’ in the eleventh position, indicating their electric SUV was built in Austin. Today two of our readers took delivery of their new cars, and their Model Y LR was in fact built at Giga Texas.

Rick took delivery of his Midnight Silver Model Y in Austin at Tesla Pond Springs earlier this morning. He tells us the build quality was perfect and there were no issues that needed to be corrected. Like the Model Y Standard Range with 4680s, what we thought was the only variant being built at Giga Texas, the LR also included the parcel shelf and updated interior features.

Rick also shared with us an image of his software screen, showing his Model Y is a Long Range Dual Motor variant and his VIN has the ‘A’ in the eleventh position. His car was also delivered with the latest 2022.16.2 software and has a 30-day Premium Connectivity trial subscription.

Another one of our readers Michael is currently taking delivery at the time of publication, also at Pond Springs, and will be sending us photos of his new vehicle shortly. According to Michael’s Delivery Advisor, his car does not have 4680 cells and still has the standard 2170 cells. We will update this article once we receive more from Michael.

UPDATE 3:22pm PST: Here are some more pictures from Michael. He tells us the build quality on his black Model Y LR was also very good, and that his car was built this month.

UPDATE 3:50pm PST: We have received some questions about order dates. Rick says he ordered on October 24, 2021 and Michael placed his order on October 20, 2021.

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