Giga Shanghai Model Y production reaches 1K units per day, exceeding rate of Model 3

Giga Shanghai
Image via Wu Wa /YouTube

Giga Shanghai has been producing the Model Y since late 2020, just before it launched in China earlier this year. Eight months later and the factory is now producing more units per day of the electric SUV than they are of the Model 3.

Last week we reported that Tesla was shutting down the second phase of Giga Shanghai, suspending production of the Model Y production lines for annual maintenance and overhaul. That shutdown has helped the factory reach the milestone number of 1,000 Model Y vehicles built each day.

That number exceeds the production rate of the Model 3, which stands at 800 units per day.

News of the production figures was shared by drone operator Wu Wa, who says Tesla has reached the “high-yield stage” of production.

“After four days of overhaul at Tesla’s Shanghai plant last week, the production capacity of Phase II Modle Y has reached 1,000 units per day. This daily capacity has exceeded the number of Model 3’s 800 units per day. It can be said that the Y-type production has entered High-yield stage.”

Not all of that production will be for the domestic market in China. As Tesla announced in the Q2 2021 shareholder deck, Giga Shanghai is now their primary vehicle export hub. Therefore many of the vehicles being built will be heading off to countries around Europe and other regions like Hong Kong and Australia.

You can check out the drone flyover of Giga Shanghai filmed on August 20, 2021 below.

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