Tesla Model Y deliveries in Hong Kong and Macau to begin in September

Tesla will get a boost to its third quarter delivery numbers as the company has confirmed it will begin delivering the Model Y in Hong Kong and Macau in September.

Three different variants of the electric SUV will be delivered next month. After being discontinued in North America earlier this year, the Standard Range (SR) Model Y will be the cheapest on offer, with a starting price of $329,800 HKD ($53,105 CAD).

This will be the only variant that qualifies for the government’s one-for-one replacement scheme that allows buyers to receive rebates for scrapping their old gas cars.

Also available will be the Long Range (LR) and Performance variants for $377,800 HKD ($60,200 CAD) and $419,800 HKD ($66,900 CAD) respectively.

Tesla added the Model Y to its lineup in Hong Kong just last month. The introduction of the popular electric SUV will boost Tesla’s market share in the island nation. According to the Transport Department, at the end of 2020 80% of electric vehicles (EVs) in the country were Teslas.

But the automaker still has a long way to go to take a bite out of the overall automaker, with EVs making up just 3% of all registered cars in Hong Kong, reports South China Morning Post.

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