Tesla Giga Shanghai suspends Model Y production until August 16 for equipment maintenance: Rumour

Part of Tesla’s factory in Shanghai has reportedly shut down for a four day period to allow production equipment to undergo routine maintenance.

News of the apparent shutdown was shared by the popular Wu Wa YouTube channel (h/t: @TSLAFanMtl), who is a frequent visitor to Giga Shanghai.

During a drone flyover of the factory on the morning of August 13, 2021, he discovered the second phase of the factory was unusually quiet.

In the video description he says he later learned the part of the factory responsible for Model Y production was shutting down between August 13 to 16 to “carry out equipment maintenance.”

Despite what some critics might say, the closure is not likely due to the global chip shortage. Not only has Tesla shutdown sections of the factory for maintenance periods like this before, phase one of the factory is still up and running building Model 3 vehicles.

Additionally, if it was due to component supply issues, the shutdown would be for much longer than just four days.

You can see the full drone flyover video below. Footage of phase two of the factory begins at around the 2:30 mark.

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