Tesla Model Y tow hitch now standard equipment in several European countries

Tesla Model Y buyers in several countries in Europe now get an extra accessory with their purchase after the tow hitch has added as standard equipment.

According to an update to the Design Studio in at least Norway, Sweden, and Finland on Friday, the class II receiver giving the Model Y a towing capacity of 1,600kg (3,500lbs) is now included with every purchase. The base price of the EV did not change with the addition.

Even if towing isn’t your thing, you will still have it added to your electric SUV since there is no option to remove it from any configuration. (h/t: @StianWalgermo)

If you reserved a Model Y before the inclusion of the tow hitch as standard, you can likely contact Tesla to add it to your order. Alternatively you can also edit your design to add it, but as with other changes to your configuration, that will push your delivery date further into the future.

If the tow hitch wasn’t added as standard equipment in your country, Tesla has also added it back to the Design Studio as an optional €1,300 upgrade, eliminating the need for you to purchase it through the Tesla Shop after taking delivery (h/t: @tesla_adri)

Tesla used to have it included during the ordering process, but it was removed for an unknown reason when Model Y deliveries started in Europe. Additionally, those who had placed an order with it included saw it removed from their configuration prior to its delivery.

Unfortunately the tow hitch is still a $1,300 CAD / $1,000 USD option in North America.

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