Giga Berlin paint colours imagined in stunning new renders

The first three new paint colours to come out of the Giga Berlin paint shop were revealed yesterday in an update to the Tesla mobile app. While the colours did have names, there was no visual representation as the information about each colour was contained in several lines of code.

new colour codes
Image via @Tesla_App_iOS /Twitter

Elon Musk has said Giga Berlin will house the world’s most advanced paint shop, “with more layers of stunning colours that subtly change with curvature.”

Thanks to Canadian Thomas Pisz, who specializes in product and architectural visualizations, we have our best look yet at what they might look like once they start rolling off the production line in Germany.

Deep Crimson Multicoat

We have already seen early examples of the Deep Crimson colour, both on Elon Musk’s personal Model S and a glimpse of it at the Giga Fest factory tour, but we get to see it in all its glory in this Model Y render. (click to enlarge)

Deep crimson render
Image via Thomas Pisz

Abyss Blue Multicoat

Tesla already offers a Deep Blue Metallic paint option, but based on this render the new blue will be quite different. (click to enlarge)

abyss blue
Image via Thomas Pisz

Mercury Silver Multicoat

Everyone was excited to hear Tesla was bringing back silver after discontinuing a Silver Metallic paint option in 2018. This render shows the new Mercury Silver Multicoat could be a little darker and more closely resemble the current Midnight Silver Metallic. (click to enlarge)

silver render
Image via Thomas Pisz

Thomas also created close up visualizations of each new colour, as seen below.

What do you think of these renders? Do you think they will closely resemble the real thing? Let us know in the comments below.

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